Wilko Cafetière Leaves Woman Scarred For Life

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Wilko cafetiere victim before and after

You may have read in the news recently about a young woman being permanently scarred due to a ‘faulty’ product that she bought. The young lady purchased a cafetiere from Wilko Retail Limited. Whilst using the product, the boiling water squirted out of the cafetiere and onto the woman’s face. This has left her with first and second degree burns, permanent scarring and damage to her right eye, which now means she has to wear glasses.

When she complained to Wilkos about the product, they advised her that they have tested the product and have found no fault with the cafetiere. Therefore, they are still continuing to sell this product to the public.

Faulty Wilko cafetiere product

Here’s the faulty product in question…














Paul McMullan, Head of Product Liability here at Oakwood Solicitors comments “this is not an unusual occurrence but how many times does this have to occur before this product is withdrawn?  All too often this decision is left to the retailers and manufacturers.  At least for now customers need to be aware of these incidents so they can make an informed decision about what products they purchase.”

This does not have to be the end of the complaint for the woman she could seek legal advice and make a personal injury claim for the injury she has suffered to her face from this faulty product.  Here at Oakwood Solicitors we deal with cases just like this.  We fight to have these products identified as dangerous and withdrawn whilst seek compensation for those who have suffered.

If you, or anyone that you know, has been injured by a faulty product, then please give Oakwood Solicitors a call today on 0113 200 9787 and we can help you.

Would you like to hear about more cases like this? Each week we post an article listing the faulty products which have been flagged up by European Commission Consumers. Take a look at our faulty product recall articles.

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