Woman Badly Burns her Hands on Jeyes Bleach After Lid Was Broken

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Woman Badly Burns her Hands on Jeyes Bleach After Lid Was Broken

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd are acting for a woman who badly burnt her hands destroyed her baby’s shoes marked her kitchen surface and carpet after the lid wasn’t fastened properly on a bottle of bleach.
Our client bought the bottle of Jeyes bleach from Home Bargains put the bottle in her bag and placed it in the bottom on her push chair and walked home unbeknown to her the bottle had begun to leak.
She returned home and picked up the bag with the bottle in which had leaked and spilt onto the carpet. Noticing something had leaked she put her hands in the bag to see what was in there.
The bleach then leaked on the baby’s shoes kitchen surface and coated her hands. She was left with badly burnt hands and her baby’s shoes were ruined.
She contacted the complaint email addresses designated for complaints on the Jeyes website but despite an automated email to confirm she would receive a reply over a week later she still hasn’t heard from them.
The Jeyes bleach bottle had a faulty lid and there was no seal on the bottle to stop it from leaking.
James Ashton the head of our product liability team believes that this could be a manufacturing error and there may be other batches of the Jeyes bleach out there which may be similarly affected.
If you have been affected by this or something of a similar nature please take the following steps.
1. If you have been hurt by a product like our client please contact your GP
2. Keep proof of purchase
3. Contact a member of our team on 0113 200 9720

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