Women must shout to shatter the glass ceiling

 In Employment

Women in professional roles need to literally shout louder to shatter the glass ceiling keeping them out of the boardroom.

A study by Active Presence found that more than half of female executives struggle to make themselves heard in old fashioned and testosterone fuelled organisations where bullish and brash men grab more attention.

The research revealed that women believe that the higher pitch and calmer tones of their voices means that they are generally not treated as seriously as their male counterparts.

Nicola Williams, from the Oakwood Solicitors Employment Team commented on the research, “It astonishes me that in the 21st Century women still find it hard to climb up the management ladder. Women are just as capable of running companies as men, and shouldn’t really have to act like men to do it.

Whilst this survey may come across as negative, official figures do in fact show that women hold 25% of FTSE 100 directorships, which is an increase from 22.8% last year and almost double the number in 2011, so we are gradually getting to a stage where equal numbers of men and women are in senior positions .”

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