If you have been involved in a work accident or an accident in a public place then Oakwood’s experts compensation claims solicitors in London may be able to help you pursue a case for compensation.

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Here at Oakwood Solicitors we have a number of solicitors all of which specialise in a different area of liability claims for compensation. Our accident in the workplace team can help you pursue compensation if you have sustained an injury at work that was not your fault; whether you have been injured as a result of bad health and safety standards or whether you have been injured as a result of poor training on the job. Our public liability specialists can claim compensation on your behalf if you have been injured in a public place due to the owner or occupier failing in their duty to keep the area safe and fit for public use.

Oakwood Solicitors acted on behalf of Mrs J after an accident in a hairdresser’s salon left her with severe burns to her head. The accident was as a result of the hairdresser failing to follow the correct procedures for using the chemicals correctly. Mrs J had gone to the hairdresser’s salon to get her hair bleached. The hairdresser failed to do a patch test on Mrs J’s head. The patch test is very important as it determines how the scalp will react to the chemicals. The hairdresser put the bleach on Mrs J’s head. Not only had the hairdresser failed to do the patch test she left the dye on for far too long.

If you have been involved in an accident in a public place or in a work accident speak to one of the professionals at Oakwood Solicitors about making compensation claims in London.

As a result of the hairdresser’s negligence Mrs J suffered severe burns to her scalp. The pain was agonizing but thankfully Oakwood Solicitors were able to act quickly on Mrs J’s behalf and secure her the compensation she was entitled to. Luckily the situation was not a lot worse. In the past some people have had reactions to hair dye so severe that their entire faces have swollen up and left them unable to see. In the worst cases the throat has swollen up too and a tube has had to be inserted into the victim’s airway in order to help them breathe.

All public places have a duty to keep anyone who uses their establishment of property safe and free from harm. Depending on the type of establishment and the nature of their business this may mean having to follow different sets of rules and regulations. For example an outdoor pursuit centre will have an entirely different set of rules the hairdressers mentioned above. Their health and safety procedures will focus a lot more on the safety equipment they use and the training they give to customers.

If you have had a work accident or an accident in a public place and you need the advice of our compensation claims specialists in London call us today on 0844 499 9302.

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