When Mr K reported a work accident which had occurred when he was lifting a heavy load Oakwood were able to determine that his injury had been due to a lack of manual handling training and they helped him make a compensation claim against his employer in the UK.

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It makes complete business sense from an employers point of view to ensure that all manual handling regulations are systematically followed. If an employee is pushing pulling carrying supporting or moving any object using their own body strength this is classed as manual handling. An employer should assess the dangers and reduce the risk of injury relating to any operation their employees are required to carry out which involves manual handling.

Mr K injured his back when he was moving compost at work. He had not received the manual handling training as required by law. If an employer fails to follow the correct procedures and is found guilty of negligence they can be liable for any injuries sustained by their employees.

Approximately half of all back pain patients have suffered acute back pain caused by trauma. A contusion torn muscle or strained joint resulting from a back injury can cause acute pain. With physical therapy follow-up treatment and prevention these patients can recover in a few weeks. Occasionally these patients will re-injure themselves and have to return for a short course of treatment. Patients with acute pain occurring more than three times in one year or who experience longer-lasting episodes of back pain that interfere with functional activities (e.g. sleeping sitting standing walking bending riding in or driving a car) tend to develop a chronic condition.

A work accident involving a back injury is unfortunately common occurrence however this means the team of solicitors at Oakwood have excellent experience in dealing with compensation claims like Mr K’s in the UK.

Manual handling injuries occur in nearly all manual labour roles pre-existing injuries and having received no training will all increase the chances that an injury will occur.

It is essential therefore that employers manage the risks to their employees. As an example where manual handling is unavoidable the risk should be minimised by using equipment such as trolleys fork lift trucks and other machinery such as conveyor belts to take goods over shorter distances. Wheeled trolleys like those used by delivery men and packing firms should be utilised. In all cases where lifting or pushing of objects is needed risk assessments should be carried out to cover the role which the employee undertakes by a person who is suitably qualified to do the job.

If you have suffered a work accident and any injury for which you weren?t to blame and you need legal advice regarding a compensation claim in the UK call Oakwood Solicitors today on: 0844 499 9302

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