Oakwood’s expert accident in the workplace solicitors helped Mr F claim work accidents compensation; his claim in London was settled quickly thanks to the hard work and dedication of our experienced solicitors.

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Mr F was 39 when he had an accident at work that resulted in him making a claim for an injury he sustained in the workplace through no fault of his own. Mr F had gone into the lavatories at work and the lights were off. As a result of the lights being off in the lavatories Mr F did not see that the floor was wet. There were no signs on display in the lavatories indicating that the hazard of a wet floor was present.

Upon entering the lavatories Mr F slipped on the wet floor and sustained an injury to his back. Back injuries can be very painful and they can have a seriously detrimental effect on your Motability in your day to day life. Some back injuries can even be permanent and leave you struggling for the rest of your life. Quite often a back injury will take up to a few weeks to heal and will often require anti-inflammatory medication occasionally physiotherapy is needed.

If you have suffered a similar injury in the workplace you may be able to make a work accident s compensation claim in London. One of the expert accidents in the workplace solicitors will be able to guide you through the process of making your claim.

You can make a case for an employer’s liability claim for compensation over the phone. The solicitors at Oakwood will then send you the information you need through the post. Once you have completed the paperwork and posted it back a solicitor will then call you to see if any further information is needed. If not the solicitor will then write a letter to your employer stating that a claim is in the process of being made against them for compensation. Your employer will then have 21 days to pass on the letter to their insurers. Once this letter is in the hands of the insurers they then have a period of 12 weeks in which to decide whether or not they are going to admit liability for the injuries you have sustained.

If your employer’s insurers decide that they are liable then you will be paid compensation very quickly directly from the insurers without any further evidence needed. If your insurers decide that they are not liable then additional evidence needs to be gathered and we will pursue your claim through the court. At some point throughout the 12 week period you will be required to undergo a medical; this is carried out by an independent medical examiner and forms part of the evidence for your case for compensation. It is very important that you attend the medical.

If you want to pursue a work accident compensation claim in London make a start today by speaking to one of the friendly experts at Oakwood Solicitors. Call now on 0844 499 9302.

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