If you think you are entitled to workplace accident compensation Oakwood Solicitors in London may be able to help you if the accident was not your fault

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Oakwood Solicitors represented Mr S from Tunbridge Wells after he was in an accident at work. We were able to secure 32351.82 in compensation on behalf of Mr S for the injuries he sustained.

Mr S was 61 at the time of his accident. A colleague had left a dock levelling plate in the walkway of a lorry loading bay. Mr S unfortunately walked into the dock levelling plate and sustained injuries as a result.

All employers no matter how many employees there are in the company must ensure that they:
? Ensure that all the correct warning signs are provided and used correctly.
? Take precautions against any risks such as flammable or explosive hazards electrical equipment and noise exposure.
? Check all the correct personal protective equipment has been provided for employees and that all such equipment is in working order and maintained well.
? Prevent or control exposure to substances that may cause employees harm whether this is an instant hazard or a hazard that is caused by prolonged exposure. ? Avoid potentially dangerous work involving manual handling or if the circumstances require it take precautions to reduce the risk of injury from a manual handling accident.

If your employer has failed to do any of the above or you want further guidance about your employer’s responsibilities speak to a Oakwood solicitor today.

If you need workplace accident compensation advice Oakwood Solicitors in London can offer you expert legal guidance about any aspect of making a claim.

Under the employers liability act of 1969 most employers are required by law to insure against liability for injury or disease to their employees as a result of doing their job. There is a law called the Employer’s Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act which basically means that your employer has to have liability insurance of an appropriate level to cover against any work related accidents or illnesses. Your employer should have a copy of their liability insurance in the workplace which is available for all staff members to see.

Your employer should have a valid and up to date certificate of employer’s liability insurance. On this certificate the minimum lever of cover and the companies covered by the policy should be stated clearly. Just because your employer has a certificate of employer’s liability insurance does not mean that they have the right to ignore health and safety guidelines or make employees use faulty of defective equipment.

Established over ten years ago Oakwood have built up a reputation for getting claims resolved as quickly as possible. At Oakwood we also strive to get the maximum amount of compensation on your behalf.

Oakwood Solicitors have teams of dedicated staff working on behalf of clients all over the UK. We can handle most types of compensation claim.

To start your claim for workplace accident compensation call Oakwood Solicitors in London today on: 0844 499 9302

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