Work Stress Level and a Lack of Social Support has Been Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

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Work Stress Level and a Lack of Social Support has Been Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Workers with high levels of workplace stress and low levels of social support are more at risk developing type 2 diabetes according to research.
A research project in Israel studied 5800 healthy people over a three and half year period who attended the Tell Aviv Health Centre for their routine checks. The participants were asked questions about support and stress in their work place. The questions analysed their social support expected workload and what control they believed that they had over the pace of their work and their objectives.
The participant’s health was monitored for 41 months 182 of who developed type 2 diabetes.
The researchers then compared the diabetes rates to the conditions in their workplace. They discovered that those with positive social support in their workplace were more protected against developing the disease and of those who said they had social support in the workplace 22% of them were less likely to have the disease than those with less support.
High workloads contributed to the risk of the disease 18% of those who believed that they were over or underworked whether they were healthy or not had a higher risk of developing the disease.
The lead researcher from Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Management Dr Sharon Toker believes that it’s not the workload that affects the chance of having the disease but job satisfaction she said that people need to be challenged.
She feels that employers need to find a balance and make sure that they receive the right social support.

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