A 35 year old woman from Warrington sought legal help from Oakwood to get her wrist facture compensation after a fall in a public place.

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Ms P from Warrington in Cheshire slipped on a wet dance floor and fractured her wrist. This is a perfect example of how easily accidents can happen.

Trip hazards can be reduced by some very simple routines and actions being put in place by the owner of the public place. Some of these might include:
1. Floor surfaces being even or made even where possible
2. Steps and stairs should be off limits to the public unless they are required to climb them
3. Notices should always warn staff or public of an uneven floor surface such as a small incline or decline
4. Walkways should always be kept free of obstructions and debris

The pain and swelling which accompanies a wrist fracture is distressing enough without adding the inconvenience of the restrictions it imposes on daily life. Treatment and rehabilitation times vary due to the severity and age of the client when they sustain this injury.

The expert team of personal injury lawyers at Oakwood will assess every accident for evidence of negligence and advise their clients if they are entitled to make a compensation claim for their injuries; the lawyers have an outstanding reputation for their expertise in personal injury law in the UK and for their sympathetic and professional customer service.

Claims for injuries relating to slips trips and falls either at work or in a public place have risen quite dramatically over the last few years. Most people are now more aware of their rights to safety and the responsibility of an employer land owner or property owner to ensure that their clients and visitors are protected from hazards as they go about their day to day lives.

Our client has suffered considerable pain and has struggled to sleep and continue with her daily tasks after being injured in this public place accident. We are very aggrieved on her behalf that she has suffered so much because of simple avoidable neglect on behalf of either training staff or possibly in choosing the correct flooring for the space.

Oakwood can be of service if you have suffered a wrist fracture and you need compensation with the help of our wonderful staff in Manchester: 0844 499 9302. Call us today as there are time limits in force for the amount of time you can make a claim.

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