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UK Driving Age Restrictions

Driving has no upper age limit in the UK. Though this is the case, there are restrictions based on certain conditions and checks put in place to try and ensure that drivers remain safe as they age. In this column, we examine some of these rules. Though anyone who’s passed their test can legally hold…

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Road Rage Incidents and Vehicles Used As Weapons

Every year on the roads of Britain, around one in five road users are threatened with physical violence. In a survey conducted by Auto Trader, 67% of road users had experienced tailgating, 53% had felt intimidated while on the roads, 41% had been sworn at/insulted and 11% said that they had been involved in some…

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Vehicle Diminution Case Study

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd was instructed to act for Mrs. S Khan based near High Wycombe. Here is a Vehicle Diminution case study describing the matter in detail. Our client owned an Audi R8 FSi Spyder Quattro V10 and was the second owner of the vehicle. The vehicle had 9,000 miles on the clock when it…

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Personal Injury Claim Against A Bus Driver – Case Study

Can you make a Personal Injury Claim against a Bus Driver? As a firm of Solicitors, we receive a large number of Personal Injury claims involving accidents that have occurred whilst being a passenger on a bus. These accidents can involve collisions with other road users, collisions with stationary objects, or perhaps an emergency stop…

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