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Our team has many years of experience in a variety of specialities, ranging from Personal Injury and Employment Law to Industrial Disease, Psychiatric Injury, Criminal Injury and more. We extend our community spirit and personal mindset to everyone we serve.

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Orthopaedic Claims

What is Orthopaedic Negligence? The musculoskeletal system is made up of the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Orthopaedic Consultants and surgeons specialise in treating the musculoskel…

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Public Discrimination

The Equality Act 2010 provides protection from being discriminated against. Whilst most people are aware that you can take an employer to the Employment Tribunal for discrimination, fewer people are …

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Secondary Victim Claims

A Primary Victim is someone who is someone who has been directly involved in an accident, or near-miss accident, which was not their fault. So what is a Secondary Victim Claim? By contrast, a seconda…

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Educational Negligence

Children may suffer a Psychiatric Injury as a result of Educational Negligence.   What is Educational Negligence? A Psychiatric Injury isn’t always a diagnosis of a recognised injury such as…

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Body Modifications

What are Body Modifications? Body modifications are defined as the deliberate alteration of the human body. Individuals may choose to modify their bodies as an artistic expression of their individual…

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Hair Removal

What is Cosmetic Hair Removal? Cosmetic Hair Removal refers to purposeful removal of unwanted body hair. Whilst hair grows naturally across the human body, in some areas, thick and dark hair, in part…

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Cosmetic Dental Surgery

What is Cosmetic Dental Surgery/Cosmetic Dental Procedures? Cosmetic dental surgery and such procedures refer to any treatment for the teeth, gums, and/or bite which have the primary aim of improving…

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Residential Property

Buying a property, whether it’s your first home, forever home or an investment property is an exciting time. However, we know how stressful and arduous it can sometimes seem. Our team understands t…

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Crime of Violence Claims (CICA)

A Background of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)   Since the original scheme’s inauguration in 1964, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and the CICA’s …

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Industrial Disease Claims

What is an Industrial Disease? An Industrial Disease (sometimes known as an Occupational disease) is a chronic illness as a result of a working environment or activity. The disease must have develope…

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Road Traffic Accidents (RTA)

As the roads grow busier year-on-year, Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) are, sadly, a part of life - but would you know how to act in the event of a car collision? What should I do after a car accident?…

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Work, Public Places and Abroad

With the fast-paced lifestyles we lead today, we are at increasing risk of injuring ourselves. If you happen to hurt yourself through someone else’s negligence, Oakwood Solicitors can help you claim…

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Product Liability

What is Product liability? Simply put, product liability relates to anything manufactured that is shown to be faulty or not fit for the purpose it was intended. This includes any product from child t…

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Financial Litigation

No-Win, No-Fee Enquiry: 0113 218 5700 Oakwood Solicitors Ltd specialises in Financial Mis-selling claims. We have a Financial Litigation team dedicated to assisting clients who have lost money as a c…

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Employment Law

Oakwood Solicitors has a dedicated team of leading Employment law solicitors and support staff, helping clients nationwide. We are able to offer expert advice on all potential claims you may have aga…

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Stress at Work

What is Work-related Stress?   Stress at Work or Work-related stress is defined by the HSE as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other demands placed on them.’ …

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Dental Negligence Claims

There is a great deal of trust in your dentist, and you should feel confident that the treatment you are receiving meets the required standard. Dental errors occur all too often, causing additional pa…

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Medical Negligence Claims

Errors made by healthcare professionals in the care, treatment or advice they provide to you may be considered negligent if it can be shown that no other reasonable healthcare provider would have acte…

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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd is able to assist in resolving a wide variety of Litigation and Dispute Resolution matters requiring legal assistance. Whether it be simply pointing you in the right direction,…

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Wills and Probate

Our Wills and Probate Solicitors, Charlotte Bandawe and Katherine Law, have a vast amount of experience in dealing with Wills, Probate and Estate Administration matters. You will get a first-class fri…

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Family Law

When it comes to relationships, you will want to make sure that you’re preparing yourself and your family for the future. Whether you’re cohabiting, engaged, making a long-term commitment to a par…

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What is Vehicle Diminution? Vehicle Diminution refers to the loss in value of a motor vehicle after it has been involved in a Road Traffic Accident. In effect, it is the loss in market value of your car as a result of the accident, as unfortunately even if a car is fully repaired after sustaining…

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Why Oakwood?

Here at Oakwood Solicitors, we’re not your average law firm – our team delivers a service which caters to you. From assessing your case through to completion, our staff have not only the knowledge and expertise, but also the compassion and understanding to put you at ease throughout the process.

What’s the latest?

Can I Claim For an Accident at Work?

In a word, yes. Your employer has a duty to reasonably ensure that you are safe and not exposed to unnecessary risks during the course of your employment. This could include providing training, perso…

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Famous DJ is Awarded Nearly £10 Million in Damages

Paul Van Dyk, (real name is Matthias Paul) is one of the most famous and successful DJs in the world. He has been proudly given the title of the ‘World’s Best DJ’ not once, but twice. In 2016, …

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The Big Tea Cosy Tea Party and Silent Auction for Breast Cancer Haven

Let’s put the kettle on for a brew, whether it be a cuppa tea or if you prefer an Italian coffee, and lets have some cake – all in aid of Breast Cancer Haven!

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