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Incorrect Medication Dose – Medical Negligence

Sara Montgomery from our Medical Negligence Team shares a recently settled case involving a prescription dispensing error.   Our Client was prescribed Clonidine 25mcg tablets, two to be taken twice daily amounting to a total of 100mcg per day. This advice was provided by her GP.     The Claimant collected the prescription from the…

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How Do I Lessen The Risk Of A Prescription Or Medication Error?

Unfortunately, prescription and medication errors do happen. As much as anyone tries to do their job to the best of their ability, a pharmacist, GP or medical care worker is still a human being capable of making a mistake.   On collecting your prescription, the ultimate responsibility lies on the pharmacist to ensure that the…

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Pharmaceutical Negligence Claims – Q&A

In this Q&A transcribed from our podcast on Prescription Errors, Sara Montgomery of our Medical Negligence team answers common questions we often get from Clients who’ve experienced a prescription, medication or dispensing error and have sought legal advice on the matter. What are pharmaceutical negligence claims? Pharmaceutical negligent claims are claims where the Pharmacy have…

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Incorrect Medication – Case Study

Our client approached us after she was incorrectly dispensed the wrong medication following falling ill with tonsillitis. Shortly after taking the medication she began to feel unwell, experiencing sickness and lethargy. The error was noticed by a nurse who had been called in due to the client’s illness., and it was admitted by the pharmacy…

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Dispensing Error – Case Study

Our client contacted us following an event where she was incorrectly dispensed the wrong medication dosage. Our client experienced side effects due to this error which were ongoing for several weeks, including severe pain and illness. It was then noted that the prescription was 200mg lower than the typical dosage. As a result of this,…

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