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Green Funerals

With climate change being a hot topic in recent years, it makes sense that the bereavement industry also needs to consider ways to be more environmentally friendly, such as Green Funerals.   Our clients when considering their funeral instructions to include in their Wills often discuss the more environmentally friendly funeral options which are available…

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A Guide To Gender Neutral Wills

To make it easier to understand, our Wills and Probate team have compiled a guide to Wills regarding people who identify as gender neutral.   What does Gender Neutral mean? A person who identifies as non-binary identifies as neither male or female and prefers the use of gender-neutral pronouns (such as they/them). Gender neutral language…

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A Guide to LGBTQ+ Matters and Wills

To mark the beginning of Pride Month, we thought it may be useful and/or interesting to cover various matters that may arise when sorting the affairs of a member of the LGBTQ+ community.   This by no means covers everything, but we wanted to highlight a variety of scenarios and offer some information in each…

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Does My Will Need Updating?

When a Will is made, the terms of the Will reflect the wishes of the Testator (the maker of the Will) at that particular time. The Testator made the Will with the intention that those wishes are followed. However, over time as our personal circumstances change or indeed those of our intended beneficiaries, it is…

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Providing ID in Times of Self-Isolation

How can I show proof of my ID due to self-isolation (and social distancing)? It is a legal requirement for a solicitor to request proof of your identification before accepting instructions to act on your behalf. This is usually either a passport or a driving licence being provided, alongside a utility bill – gas, electricity,…

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5 Ways Your Will Could Be Challenged

A Will which has been prepared by legal professionals is designed to ensure that who you have decided to benefit from your estate is clear. In cases where a person dies without a valid Will, the Intestacy rules determine who will receive what from the estate. Your estate includes everything from cash in the bank,…

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Homemade Wills – Should I make my own Will?

Many of us may feel that we do not need a Will, or that our instructions are so simple, we can make our own Will at home explaining what we wish to happen in the event of our death. Homemade Wills have been increasing in popularity over recent years and so have disputes over inheritance…

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Wills and Probate – The Digital World and You

In the ever-evolving digital world we live in, the majority of us have a social media presence and online accounts. So what happens to these when we die?   Your Will and the Digital World Most of us will never have given this a second thought. Even when making a Will, our online accounts will…

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