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Hate Incidents at Work – Pride Month

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Studies made by equality campaigners, Stonewall, indicate that cases of hate crimes or incidents based on sexual orientation reported within the last year are up an alarming 78% since 2013.

Hate crimes don’t just occur in the street – sadly they can and do happen in the workplace too. This can be blatantly in front of other staff, or in corridors, privately via email, text message or social media.

Life can be tough enough, without going to work every day to feel threatened, intimidated or victimised due to the actions of someone at work.

Any form of harassment, physical or mental abuse towards yourself or fellow colleagues must not be tolerated. The first step is to speak about it with your manager, or if it’s a colleague – maybe they want to talk it through before deciding to take action.

If you feel you aren’t getting anywhere with your manager (or if your manager is the cause of the problem), the next step is your Human Resources department. Every company has a duty of care towards its employees, and it’s HR’s responsibility to investigate the complaint.

If all else fails, know your legal rights – speak your union or solicitor. Don’t suffer in silence.


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