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Inappropriate Lifting Injury – Case Study

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Case Study BY: Saima Malik

Where a work van was not available, our client was asked by his manager to load his car up with heavy work equipment. As he was doing this, our client severely strained his back but continued to work. His manager completed the Accident Book entry without showing our client and wrote that there was “no injury sustained.”

When the claim was pursued, the Defendant insisted there was no injury from the accident because of the entry. However, our client had attended hospital straight after the accident which provided supporting evidence of not only the accident, but also the extent of the injury sustained.

As a result, Oakwood Solicitors disputed with the Defendant stating they breached their duty of care towards our client by asking him to lift the heavy equipment without the correct equipment or vehicle. We are pleased to say the claim settled successfully and our client was happy with the result.

If you have been involved in an accident at work or a public place, it is important that the accident is logged as soon as possible with full details of the accident and injury. We would also advise that you seek immediate medical attention for your injuries.


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