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Famous DJ is awarded nearly £10 Million in damages

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CASE STUDY BY: Annie Davies

Paul Van Dyke, (real name is Matthias Paul) is one of the most famous and successful DJs in the world. He has been proudly given the title of the ‘World’s Best DJ’ not once, but twice!

In 2016, DJ Paul Van Dyke sustained significant injuries after he fell 33 feet through a concealed gap during his set at the ‘A State of Trance’ festival. Fans and festival goers were left horrified as they witnessed the incident unfold, with many describing it as watching Van Dyke walk out from behind the decks, then suddenly ‘disappearing’.

Soon after the incident, the well-known DJ fell into a coma and needed a full three months of recovery in a Dutch hospital. Van Dyke suffered serious brain and spinal injuries, and temporarily required a wheel chair before learning how to walk again.

Recently, Van Dyke successfully claimed compensation from ALDA Events B.V and was awarded £9,617,031.22.  The Court had found that the events company had not designed the stage to be safe to stand on and failed to communicate this to Van Dyk and his team.

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, ALDA Events B.V had a duty of care to take such care in all circumstances to ensure that Van Dyke would have been reasonably safe in using the premises for the purpose which he was invited there for. Even though ALDA Events B.V had argued that the area of the stage was not designed to be stood on, the events company had not discharged their duty of care as they failed to warn Van Dyk of such danger and ensure he was reasonably safe when using the premises.

When finalising the award for Van Dyk, the Court considered any additional losses for future medical expenses and lost profits in the years immediately after the incident. The world-renowned DJ was also awarded £1.89 Million for losses arising in the next decade, as Van Dyk was unable to return to touring and the incident caused a substantial delay on the release of his new album.


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