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Top 3 Causes of Stress

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Life can get pretty hectic at times, for better or worse – which can sometimes mean that stress finds its way into our daily routines without us even realising it. Here are the top 3 causes of stress in daily life, according to a Mental Health Foundation study:



Paying your bills, appliance failures and general home maintenance costs are like buses – nothing happens for a while before they all seem to come at once. For the average household where budgets can be tight, an unexpected shortage of funds can be very stressful.

Relationships and Family

Awkward teenagers, sleepless nights with a newborn or an argument with your partner are great catalysts for stress in your life, and like many things can be short-term or ongoing. Family can be a great source of comfort and happiness, but also stress.


Most of us spend a great deal of our week in the workplace. As with any working environment, when you pile on the pressure of deadlines, meetings, peak periods and targets, the tension can really mount up.

Work issues are best resolved by speaking to your manager or human resources department. However, if you feel you are not being taken seriously or are being negatively affected as a result of reporting your problems, sometimes it’s best to know your rights.


Just because these are the top 3 causes, it doesn’t mean that any number of other things can’t negatively affect us in some way. As with any problem, recognising that something is wrong is the first step towards getting back on track. Talk to family, friends and colleagues about your issues and try to find solutions to the ones that are within your control.


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