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Stress at Work – Prevention and Personal Wellbeing

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

Knowing that stress is at risk of taking hold is half the battle, the next step is addressing the problem by finding ways to limit the amount of stress you’re feeling at work. Check out our guide to prevention and promotion of personal wellbeing:


Seek Help

Don’t be afraid to speak to your manager if you’re struggling; nobody can know for certain how you’re feeling if you don’t tell them. Trying to solve the problem is much better than pretending it’s not happening.

Balance Tasks

Try not to juggle too many tasks at once. If you give something your full attention and can see a realistic goal in sight, complete your task before moving on if possible. Being able to tick that job off mentally will take away some of the pressure.

Give Yourself Some Credit

Instead of focusing on what still needs to be done, remember what you’ve achieved already. Often you’re so focused on the tasks that lie ahead, you forget how much you’ve successfully completed already. Don’t beat yourself up for minor mistakes – everyone makes them.

Take Short Breaks

Try to get away from your desk or even your office at lunchtime. Make the most of your break and use it as time to rest your mind by picking up a book or going for a walk.

Take Time Off

Everyone is entitled to holiday and the place won’t collapse if you take time out. Make the most of your leave by taking a long weekend here between lengthier holidays. Have some time off to look forward to on your horizon by booking it in well in advance.

Finish Your Day

End your working day with a similar routine. Prepare yourself for the next day and make a breakdown of tasks to do when you return, this way you don’t have to worry about it when you get home.

Enjoy Your Evenings and Weekends

Make sure you find the time to do the things you love. See friends, visit family or lose yourself in your hobbies. Resting your mind will make your working hours easier and more productive in the long run.

Make Use of Your Resources

Try and identify specific things that are making you stressed or unhappy at work. If you are struggling, some workplaces offer advice or counselling if your problem is more personal than just your workload.

Connect With Colleagues

Not everyone naturally gets along, but co-operation and building relationships with those around you at work can be enjoyable and fulfilling. Most people have a colleague they look forward to seeing, these small things can help to make your day so much easier.

Communicate Lack of Support

If talking to your boss isn’t helping, take the next step up and contact your human resources representative. If you feel your company isn’t treating your situation with the seriousness it deserves, you could contact a union representative where possible, or even seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, ACAS or a solicitor.


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