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Road Traffic Accidents

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Road Traffic Accidents are a highly traumatic experience and if you or a loved one are unfortunate enough to have been involved in one, it can have devastating physical and psychological effects.

Whether you were the driver of the vehicle, a passenger on a bus, a cyclist or a pedestrian, if you were a road user of any kind and have been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim.

With almost twenty years’ experience in Road Traffic Accident Compensation claims, we have a highly successful track record of recovering compensation for thousands of clients. We operate throughout England and Wales, offering our specialist legal services and are happy to conduct an initial free assessment of your claim.

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Accidents Involving Buses and Coaches

Have you been injured as a passenger on a bus or coach? Passengers on buses and coaches involved in road traffic accidents are able to claim for compensation for any injury sustained. Alternatively, you may have been injured as a result of the negligence of a bus or coach driver as a car driver, a…

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Accidents Involving Taxis

You may have been the driver of a vehicle involved in a non-fault car accident with a taxi driver, or a taxi driver who has been hit by another road user. Alternatively, you could be a passenger within a taxi that has been involved in a collision with another motorist. Whatever the situation, claims involving…

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Bicycle Accident Claims

We have unfortunately dealt with a large number of bicycle accident claims. This isn’t a surprise to us given the relative lack of protection the average cyclist wears, coupled with the apparent lack of respect and care from many other road users. All of this makes cyclists extremely vulnerable to accidents and injury. We have…

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Catastrophic Accidents

Sustaining injuries as a result of an accident is traumatic enough. The devastation that severe, serious, or catastrophic accidents can cause is hard to imagine. Limb loss, spinal cord injuries or brain injuries could have profound and lifelong effects, with the injured person becoming heavily dependent on the support of family and others around them.…

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Claims Against Untraced Motorists

Occasionally, some have the misfortune of being involved in collisions with untraced motorists, who leave the scene of the accident without you obtaining their vehicle registration or personal information. Even worse, you may find out later that the driver at fault has provided you with false details. In both situations, you will not be able…

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Fatal Accidents

One of the saddest parts of our job is trying to help families who have lost a loved one as a result of a serious Road Traffic Accident. The devastation that fatal accidents cause in terms of emotional pain and anguish is hard to describe. In the aftermath of a fatal accident, those left behind…

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Liability Disputes

Unfortunately, not every accident is straightforward, and it can sometimes take time and the compilation of evidence to determine who is responsible for causing the collision. Additionally, there can be occasions when a driver attempts to avoid accepting liability by providing a different account of what actually occurred in the accident. Liability dispute claims require…

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Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycles represent a tiny percentage of the traffic on our roads in the UK, but they account for a massive 19% of all deaths and serious injuries. A motorcycle accident can be very nasty indeed, and Oakwood Solicitors has built a reputation of securing the maximum amount of compensation for riders. This includes personal injury…

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Passenger Compensation Claims

In a road accident, it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you were a passenger in, you could have been in a car, motorbike, public transport or taxi, if someone else’s negligence led to you being injured, then you have a valid claim for compensation. Usually, the passenger in any road traffic accident is the…

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Pedestrians Accident Claims

Although British and Scottish roads are generally safe for all road users, accidents involving pedestrians are unfortunately all too common. Pedestrians can be one of the most vulnerable types of road user and injuries sustained from a collision can be very serious indeed. If you have had the misfortune of being involved in a road…

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Uninsured Driver Claims

Since 1930, all vehicles licensed for road use in the UK are required to take out insurance against third party risks, which should provide cover for any accidents causing damage or injury to people, vehicles, animals or property. Sadly, with the rising cost of premiums comes an increased tendency of some drivers to “take the…

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