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Insurer Approaches to Diminution Claims

So your vehicle has been involved in an accident that was the fault of another driver. You are now worried that your car will have lost some value as a result of it sustaining damage and needing to be repaired.   Following this, your car will have a repair history and may suffer prejudice on…

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Vehicle Diminution Case Study

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd was instructed to act for Mrs. S Khan based near High Wycombe. Here is a Vehicle Diminution case study describing the matter in detail. Our client owned an Audi R8 FSi Spyder Quattro V10 and was the second owner of the vehicle. The vehicle had 9,000 miles on the clock when it…

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Need Help Claiming Back Your Loss in Car Value?

If you have a non-fault car accident and is damaged, there’s a chance that buyers will be put off when you try to sell. Diminution - Loss in Car Value.

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