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Can Voxel’s AI technology stop accidents from happening at work?

11:51, 18/5/2022

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Here in the EL/PL Department, we recently hosted our work experience student Lauren Young.


Lauren assisted Alex with some of her day to day file tasks, observed her discussing cases with clients over the phone and took time to consider a new article outlining what workers in a new company, Voxel, are doing to prevent accidents with cutting edge technology.

Please take a look at her in depth article below. We do our best at Oakwood to assist clients who suffer as a result of workplaces failing to get health and safety right, perhaps Voxel have developed technology which can prevent accidents happening and the suffering that ensues.

The original article can be found here.


Voxel’s AI technology


Does San Francisco have what it takes to reduce workplace accidents? 


The company Voxel announces that it has $15 million dollars of new technology which help reduce workplace accidents occurring. It is rooted from artificial intelligence, where there will be a live video streaming in which it can stop the accident taking place moments before it happens.  This will have many benefits to reducing the number of incidents.

This company was founded just over a year ago with its growing number of connections with different industrial and manufacturing companies. The AI model will have a feed watching over the workplace and then analyse the footage where you will be alerted by a sound when it spots an accident.

“It is all about helping people to be proactive about safety within their sites,” says CEO Alex Senemar.

The Voxel model AI has the potential to make a difference within the healthcare sector. It will have the opportunity to put in real life interventions to save people from hurting themselves in an accident.

Secondly, the technology has the capabilities to analyse the data it is recording which can then see repeat behaviours that can create a risk to a worker. By, installing this technology you are making the surrounding areas safer, and employers can avoid danger in the workplace.

When the company came out with its series A, the first company to purchase the new piece of technology reported that a there was not one incident that had occurred within that year. A statistic shows that there was a 72% decrease with workplace incidents.

With the technologies rapid growth, the company along with it has grown significantly to, from 8 to 30 people. This is due to the product being so popular, business owners can not help but rave about this product which is why the company has expanded so quickly.

Overall, the company Voxel is clearly expanding the world of technology, paving the way for new types to be invented. It is innovative and life changing, making companies so much safer for their employees. It is a catalyst for long lasting change for peoples health and a way of preventing them being involved in a workplace incident.


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Article by Lauren Young. Foreword by Beverley Barker.

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