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Accidents Caused By Tailgating

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ARTICLE BY: Stuart Jones

All over the news today is Highways England‘s latest report, which reveals that 1 in 8 of all road casualties are caused by tailgating – driving too close to the car in front to realistically be able to stop in the event of that car braking suddenly. The report goes on to state that 9 in 10 drivers have experienced being tailgated, whilst more than 1 in 4 admitted to doing it themselves.

This report ties into a newly-released road safety campaign, “Don’t be a Space Invader,” endorsed by Formula One legend Nigel Mansell and featuring artwork and characters from the 1978 arcade game, Space Invaders.

Thatcham Research‘s Matthew Avery said: “Tailgating is one of the most dangerous driver behaviours seen on UK roads. Not only does it intimidate others and create ‘phantom’ traffic jams via the ripple effect of sharp braking, it is also a leading cause of accidents. “

Thankfully, tailgating is an easy habit to avoid for an alert driver. Following rules laid out by the Highway Code, always aim to maintain a two-second gap between yourself and the car in front – a distance which should be doubled in wet conditions. When being faced by a tailgater, don’t react by speeding up, slowing down or staring through the rear view mirror – if safe, try and allow them to pass and use your indicators normally.


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