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Asimah Ali

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Asimah Ali

Paralegal - Industrial Disease

Asimah Ali is currently a Paralegal in the Industrial Disease Department.

Asimah started working at Oakwood Solicitors in October 2016, shortly after completing the Legal Practice Course in July 2016. She initially started as a Legal Assistant in the Psychiatric Injury Department, assisting two solicitors in their workload. Asimah then moved into the Mortgage Litigation Department in January 2017 as a paralegal dealing with mortgage misselling and breach of contract claims.

She joined the Industrial Disease Department in October 2017 and now has her own caseload, predominantly Noise-Induced Hearing Loss claims. She also assists her colleagues with their work and deals with other types of Industrial Disease matters such as Manual Handing, Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to name a few.

Industrial Disease matters take a long time to run from initial instruction to conclusion, but Asimah has already independently and successfully prepared Letters of Claim, Witness Statements and obtained Medical Reports.

Asimah is proficient in analysing complex calculations to determine whether a diagnosis of NIHL can be made out and if so, what degree of noise damage someone is suffering by carrying out complicated quantification calculations.

She can assess whether someone has probably been exposed to sufficient noise levels over their lifetime to have sustained a permanent injury. She is also able to quickly determine whether a Client has sufficient prospects of success for us to pursue their claim for them under the terms of a CFA by considering limitation, breach of duty and causation.

Asimah has successfully completed her LPC and wishes to obtain a training contract with Oakwood Solicitors in the near future.

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