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Katie Bell

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Katie Bell

Solicitor and Head of Costs

Katie Bell is a Solicitor, Higher Rights Advocate Civil Proceedings, who is the Head of the Cost Department. Katie has worked for the firm since November 2010, specialising in Cost Litigation since 2015. Katie deals with all areas of Cost Litigation for the firm from start to completion.

She has worked in Payment Protection Insurance, Road Traffic Accident and Criminal Injury claims. Her costing work has given her insight into Industrial Disease, Psychiatric Injury, Employment and Public Liability and Clinical Negligence claims.

Katie is passionate about ensuring the firm’s cost recoverability is exceptional and all matters are dealt with to a high standard. Her strengths also lie in advocacy, ensuring that the firm obtains successful judgments were possible and recovers their costs of the same in Civil Litigation.

As our Training Principal, Katie is dedicated to ensuring that trainee Solicitors develop the required skills and attributes to become Solicitors. Katie is known for her detailed drafting ability and strong negotiation skills that ensure high settlement for the firm. She loves the White Book and is very keen on all aspects of the CPR.

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