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Rob Crompton

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Rob Crompton

Head of Personal Injury

Rob Crompton joined Oakwood Solicitors in July 2007 as a Road Traffic Accident Paralegal Fee Earner. Rob has progressed through the organisation and holds the current position of Head of Personal Injury.

Rob quickly proved his ability to deal with Road Traffic Accident Claims efficiently and with an extremely high level of innovation and client care.

Rob now manages his ever expanding team, specifically concentrating on Road Traffic Accident work, Criminal Injury Claims and Vehicle Diminution Claims.


Rob’s strengths include:

  • Dealing with complex personal injury claims including those with multiple, involved special damages.
  • Being an excellent communicator and having the ability to empathise with a client whilst identifying the most efficient route to progress a claim.
  • An extensive understanding in relation to the law and the evidence required to make a successful claim for Vehicle Diminution.
  • Organisation and creativity, demonstrated in the ability to identify and pursue new opportunities for business growth and create a productive and happy working environment.
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