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How much compensation could I receive for my injury?

This question is one that I am asked frequently when providing initial advice to individuals that have been involved in accidents.   It is natural to be curious as to what level of compensation you may receive. However, the question is a complex one and it is helpful to know what is considered when valuing…

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The Associated Risk of Tattoos and Piercings

 …and the Lack of Government Intervention ARTICLE BY LUCY PEATY In the UK, one in five adults have a tattoo, and even more so have, or have had, a piercing. Yet, despite the large proportion of the population who have modified their bodies in one way or another, there is a surprisingly low level of…

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Making a Personal Injury Claim

When making a claim for Personal Injury, it is important for the Claimant to make sure that they are certain of the facts and figures before it is submitted.

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