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Global campaigns to secure protections for LGBTQI+ people

Global campaigns to secure protections for LGBTQI+ people have made excellent progress over recent years.   But we cannot take the foot off the gas now, many people are still facing prejudice and violence on a daily basis. Sexual orientation and gender identity are hugely integral aspects of ourselves and should never lead to discrimination…

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Destressing after a long day at work

Had a long day at work and you don’t know how to destress from it? Managing workplace stress can be difficult sometimes on many different levels.   People may find it hard to wind down from a difficult day at work. Problems at work could range from squeezing in assignments with short notice, to overstaying…

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Can I make a claim for stress at work?

You may have heard about claiming for stress at work, but what does this mean and how do you know if you can claim?   Each of us experience symptoms of stress at work at some time or another, no workplace is free of stress completely but where there is a prolonged exposure to an…

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Laura’s Mental Health Journey – Mental Health Awareness Month

For the third week of Mental Health Awareness Month, Laura Staggs of our Marketing team opens up about her own struggles with mental health.   This whole account is written entirely in Laura’s own words.   “I have spent over ½ of my life suffering from mental illness. “I want to say it started in…

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How to Handle the Stress of Working From Home – 9 Suggested Solutions

I’m sure that most employees would say that having the flexibility to work from home helps relieve the stressors and pressures of their job but that being required to work from home continuously, as many have had to do this year, can be extremely difficult and stressful.   Below are 9 suggested solutions to try…

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10 Stress-Busting Tips For Working From Home During Covid-19 Lockdowns

As we crawl into the seventh month of working from home for many people in office-based employment, we’ve reached a point now where the pros and cons of home as your workplace have reared their heads.   Whilst some may see it as marvellous that they no longer need a dog sitter or a two-hour…

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Determining If You’re Being Bullied At Work

With various happenings surfacing in the news at the time of writing, we thought it might be useful to write a piece on determining if the treatment you are receiving in the workplace could be classed as being bullied at work. According to the Equality Act 2010, harassment and bullying are defined as “behaviour that…

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5 Ways To Safeguard Mental Health Online

Once again, we witness a media storm around a public figure who unfortunately decided that life was no longer bearable for them.   Not only is this a tragedy for a life lost, but it is a bewildering time for friends and family who are left to suffer the untimely loss. Like physical wellbeing, mental…

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How Do I Break The Stress Cycle?

Stress is a major factor in modern daily life, both at work and at home. A measure of stress is necessary to motivate us to meet our goals, but what to do if the stress cycle begins to take over? Excessive stress over a long period of time can have many negative effects on your…

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The 35-Hour Working Week

At present, a large number of employees across the United Kingdom are essentially overworked, and underpaid. It is also becoming more apparent that working families are struggling to keep up with the costs of basic living.   The financial and physical and emotional implications of this can be significant and as such this can reportedly…

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