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Fungal infections kill more people that breast cancer

14:42, 19/5/2022

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It has been reported that there are more than 150 million cases of severe fungal infections worldwide with over one and a half million deaths.


The reasons that fungal infections are not considered at the outset is because they are commonly are a complication of another condition, in particular persons with immunosuppressive conditions.

The BBC reported on this subject in 2016, stating that fungal infections kill more people than malaria or breast cancer.


Fungal infections


A more recent study found around one in six people who are admitted to intensive care with COVID-19 have invasive fungal infections.

The infections are more deadly in cancer patients, who are at extremely high risk of developing fungal infections and can be a significant factor in deaths involving cancer. If fungal infections are not treated and controlled at the outset it can become a major factor of deaths in people who are immunosuppressed.

Swift diagnosis and treatment is therefore critical in such cases, so as to avoid rapidly worsening conditions and even death in vulnerable patients.


Medical Misdiagnosis or Delay

Medical misdiagnosis and/or delay can severely affect an individual’s life, treatment options, recovery period and in more serious cases the chance of survival.

If you have been given the wrong medical advice or course of treatment which has left you in a debilitating condition, you may be eligible to make a medical misdiagnosis and/or delay claim. More detailed information about this aspect of medical negligence can be found here.



If you believe you have suffered due to medical misdiagnosis or delay, get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation or for an update about the progression of a claim.

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