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Temperatures Soar This Summer

10:14, 2/7/2019

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Saturday the 29th of June was the hottest day so far this year

The Met Office said temperatures reached 34°C in Heathrow, making it one of the warmest days the month of June has seen in 40 years.

As many flocked outside to enjoy the sunny climate, sun cream unfortunately was left behind. By the end of the day, there were numerous social media posts of people suffering from sun burn. This is despite sun exposure being a primary cause of skin cancer, which is one of the most common types of cancer in the world.

skin cancer


Skin Cancer is on the Rise

There are two main types of skin cancer:

  1. Melanoma, which can spread to other organs.
  2. Non-melanoma, which develops in the upper levels of your skin.

In the UK there are approximately 16,000 new melanoma skin cancer cases every year. This counts for 5% of all new cancer cases.

For both types of skin cancer, surgery is the preferred treatment. Time is of the essence however and therefore, surgical intervention is more successful if completed in the cancer’s infancy. As a result, being misdiagnosed or a delay in being diagnosed can be fatal.


Click here for more information about skin cancer misdiagnosis. 


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