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Bowel Cancer – Case Study

13:58, 6/6/2019

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The Claimant – a middle-aged man – attended his General Practitioner on multiple occasions over an extended period of time, reporting blood in his stools, before finally being referred for tests.

This went on for approximately two years prior to investigations, confirming the Claimant had stage-three bowel cancer.

Since then, the Claimant has undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and numerous surgical procedures. The Claimant’s treatment is ongoing.

In this case, it is alleged that the failure and delay by the General Practitioner in referring the Claimant has resulted in the Claimant’s cancer growing. Had the cancer been identified earlier, the Claimant would not have experienced an unimaginable period of pain and suffering, and furthermore – he would have required less invasive treatment.

The Claimant’s prognosis is yet to be determined.


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