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How pressure at Amazon affects safety in the workplace

As a personal injury paralegal, I encounter a number of clients who are injured due to pressure of work.   When considering the word ‘pressure’ I am not referring to day to day pressures, such as dealing with an urgent task and then moving on to something that is more routine, I am talking about…

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Progression of a Claim

You have been involved in an accident, you are hurt and financially in some difficulty and you know it was not your fault.   You would like to hold the company or individual accountable for their actions, but are unsure how to do this, or what it would involve. Firstly, let me reassure you that…

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Work Experience Student Interview of the Employers’ and Public Liability Department

As a student from Mount St Mary’s on a two-week work experience at Oakwood Solicitors, one of my jobs was to interview two brilliant workers here to find out about what led and inspired them to work in a law firm.   Oakwood Solicitors is an award-winning Law Firm in Leeds, England which provides service…

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What should I do if I suffer an accident at work?

Sadly, accidents at work are very common occurrences. Within the year of 2020/21 the Labour Force Survey found that 441,000 employees had suffered an accident at work, with 142 sadly losing their lives.   If you do to suffer an accident at work, there are a few steps which we would advise someone to take…

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Will my employers know about my claim?

“Will my employers know?” I get asked this question many times when assessing new claims. The short answer, I’m afraid, is “Yes”.   In order to process a claim we have to seek insurance details from your employers and an investigation will ultimately ensue. The issue for clients (if they remain employed by potential Defendants)…

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How much compensation could I receive for my injury?

This question is one that I am asked frequently when providing initial advice to individuals that have been involved in accidents.   It is natural to be curious as to what level of compensation you may receive. However, the question is a complex one and it is helpful to know what is considered when valuing…

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Choosing a solicitor after an accident at work or in a public place – how do I decide?

Perhaps when an individual is looking for legal help, following an accident the image further down the page is what they have in their mind as to what a solicitor may look like. How do they make sure that the firm they choose is credible and has their best interests at heart?   It can…

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Amazon Warehouse Worker – Employee Injury Case Study

Oakwood Solicitors obtained compensation for Amazon warehouse packer who was injured by a faulty freezer lid. Full details in this employee injury case study.   The background The Claimant was responsible for picking stock for internet orders of chilled and frozen food within an Amazon warehouse. New freezers were supplied but the freezer lid was…

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Guidance To The Law Surrounding Accidents At Work

What is the legal position regarding accidents at work?   If a company has more than ten employees, then any accidents should be recorded in their accident book. In addition to any internal investigation, if an accident at work involves death, a serious injury or industrial disease, an employer must report the accident to the…

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Workplace Accidents Caused By Stress, Overworking and Social Anxiety – Post COVID

Work-related accidents occur more regularly than some people might think. The UK alone sees hundreds of thousands of workplace injuries every single year, many of them being serious or fatal.   That’s why organisations need to take proper precautions when considering safety at work by following good health & safety practices. After all, employee safety…

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