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My day of fasting – Lottie Walker

On Thursday 28th April, myself and two of my colleagues (Tim Fieldhouse and Karinel Ellazar) fasted for the day to support two of our team members (Asimah Ali and Rabina Khaleeq), who were fasting for the month of Ramadan.   Ramadan this year started on the 2nd or 3rd April for Muslims all around the…

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Criminal Injury Interview – Work Experience Student

Our work experience student, Yvonne Owusu, was tasked with interviewing a department in the Firm to find out more about it and the day-to-day responsibilities of the team.   Yvonne chose Criminal Injury and interviewed both members of the team, Gabrielle and Millie. Read on for the Work Experience Criminal Injury interview in full!  …

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A day of a Legal Assistant in the Industrial Disease Department

I have been working in the Industrial Department team as a legal assistant for nearly a year here at Oakwood Solicitors.   I would usually start my day by looking at my to do list that I have prepared the day before. I organise by way of priority, which tasks I have by those that…

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Potential Clinical Negligence legal reforms

An MP Committee is currently calling for the legal system in which clinical negligence actions are pursued to be reformed.   The main three changes they are advocating for are: Instead of pursuing a clinical negligence action by way of litigation, an independent administrative body (or ‘no fault’ system) should be formed to investigate cases…

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Engineering Company Fined £500,000 Following Death of Employee

Graham Engineering Ltd, based in Nelson, Lancashire has recently been fined £500,000 after their employee was crushed to death on their premises.   On the 21st of May 2018, Colin Willoughby, aged 52, was laid on his back underneath a Hugh Smith hydraulic press as he had been asked to remove a weld from a…

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Work Experience Student Interview of the Employers’ and Public Liability Department

As a student from Mount St Mary’s on a two-week work experience at Oakwood Solicitors, one of my jobs was to interview two brilliant workers here to find out about what led and inspired them to work in a law firm.   Oakwood Solicitors is an award-winning Law Firm in Leeds, England which provides service…

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Destressing after a long day at work

Had a long day at work and you don’t know how to destress from it? Managing workplace stress can be difficult sometimes on many different levels.   People may find it hard to wind down from a difficult day at work. Problems at work could range from squeezing in assignments with short notice, to overstaying…

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Removing a CCJ from your credit record

We have received a number of enquiries recently, with regards to the removal of a County Court Judgement (CCJ) from clients’ credit files, so I thought it might be worth condensing some of the information on our website, into a bite-sized article.   If you have received a CCJ, you may be seriously concerned about…

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Sodium Valproate and Pregnancy

Sodium valproate is a medicine that can be an effective treatment for both epilepsy and bipolar disorder. These medicines include Epilim and Depakote.   However, research has shown that taking Epilim or Depakote during pregnancy carries many risks. Despite this research, data has revealed that it is still being prescribed to pregnant women.    …

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