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Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing Talks About Tinnitus

Made in Chelsea star mistook the sudden onset of Tinnitus to be a buzzing noise in his house. Jamie Laing talks about the condition affecting upwards of seven million British people. Upon first experiencing the effects of this condition, Jamie, 31, visited his GP the following day to be diagnosed with what turned out to…

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‘Hidden Asbestos Epidemic’ Due to NHS Management

A doctor and a mother of two with two months left to live due to asbestos-related mesothelioma has spoken about a hidden asbestos epidemic amongst NHS staff and patients, as hospital management has failed to deal with the deadly material responsibly. According to findings by The Independent, there have been at least thirteen NHS breaches…

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Lincolnshire Hospitals Purchase HPV Machines

Hospitals in the United Lincolnshire NHS Trust have invested a total of £80,000 in four Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) machines to help fight the spread of germs throughout its healthcare facilities. The Trust’s aim is to cut down on the spread of MRSA, norovirus and other bacterias resistant to regular cleaning methods. Norovirus, in particular,…

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Do You Have WhatsAppitis?

In an article by eHealth, they covered a story about WhatsAppitis – but what exactly is this bizarre-sounding ailment? Plenty of us (fondly?) remember a time before smartphones, mobile phones, or even cordless phones, where someone would have to physically be located near a rooted telephone to make or receive calls. They had a traditional…

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Increase in Injuries Caused by ‘Technology Abuse’

Increased use of electronic devices and other newer technologies has led to a (perhaps predictable) rise in traumatology consultations because of neuro-musculoskeletal injuries, according to a Spanish report. Studies suggest that the average person spends a whopping five and a half hours per day connected to their mobile phone and/or computer in this ‘always online’…

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You can make an industrial injuries claim for disablement compensation in the UK if you have lost your sense of hearing because of the excessively noisy environment you have been working in.

Although many people who are totally deaf do not class themselves as disabled deafness is classed as a disability under the Disability Discrimination act. The Act’s definition of a disabled personal is someone who has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out…

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10 Celebrity Tinnitus Sufferers

Tinnitus – a permanent whistling or ringing in the ears – isn’t restricted to machinists, construction workers, and highway maintenance people – many a public figure suffers (silently or not) from this often life-affecting condition.   1) Steve Martin Steve Martin – full name Stephen Glenn Martin – is an American actor who has starred…

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Domestic Abuse Legislation Falls. Again.

On 12th September 2019, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted: “Domestic abuse shatters lives & tears families apart. We are fully committed to tackling this horrific crime.”[i] Nearly two months on, the Domestic Abuse Bill is set to be dropped for a second time when Parliament dissolves this week. Initially, the bill was effectively dropped when…

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Places, Products and Professions Which Can Lead to Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is a term for a group of minerals made up of microscopic fibres. Asbestos exposure may result in breathing fibres in, which can cause some serious damage to your lungs in the short and long term. The intake of these fibres could also lead to a form of lung cancer called Mesothelioma. Asbestos exposure…

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Firefighters being exposed to harmful chemicals resulting in various types of cancer

For the first time, a high rate of cancer among colleagues has been acknowledged by the UK’s chief fire officer. Recent scientific research suggests that firefighters are at a high risk of getting cancer because of the contaminated clothing and equipment they use. The Fire Brigades Union has called for more protection from the government…

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