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Rugby player Kris Kirk and Testicular Cancer

10:38, 19/5/2022

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Recently, rugby player Kris Kirk discovered that he had testicular cancer at 23 years old, after a discussion with a colleague who had booked to have a suspicious lump on his testicle examined by his GP.


This prompted Kris to perform an examination himself and he found a ‘hard lump’.

His colleague’s diagnosis was an epidydimal cyst whereas Kris unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer that was beginning to metastasise.


Kris Kirk and Testicular Cancer


Symptoms of testicular cancer include:

  1. Painless swelling/lump in one of the testicles;
  2. Any change in the shape or texture of the testicles;
  3. Increase in firmness of a testicle;
  4. Differing appearance in testicle;
  5. Dull ache/sharp pain in the testicles or scrotum;
  6. Heavy sensation in the scrotum.

Although most of the symptoms are not likely to be cancerous (as testicular cancer is rare), they should never be ignored and you should seek advice from your GP as soon as you notice any.


How do I check myself?

Movember Foundation urges adolescent boys and men to check their testicles each time they step out of the bath or shower. In knowing oneself, it is easier to identify any changes or anything out of the ordinary for the individual. Follow these steps:

  • In turn, rest a testicle on the palm of your hand.
  • Gently roll each one between the finger and thumb.
  • Look for lumps on the front or side. These may be painless. Swellings and growths should also be noted.
  • Look out for firmness, unusual differences between the two, heaviness or general discomfort.

If you notice any one or more of the above – see your GP.

Our full, easy-to-understand guide to testicular cancer can be read here.


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