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Amazon Warehouse Worker – Employee Injury Case Study

11:07, 13/1/2022

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Oakwood Solicitors obtained compensation for Amazon warehouse packer who was injured by a faulty freezer lid. Full details in this employee injury case study.


The background

The Claimant was responsible for picking stock for internet orders of chilled and frozen food within an Amazon warehouse. New freezers were supplied but the freezer lid was defective.

The Claimant pushed up the freezer lid, which was designed to lock in position, but as she was lifting ice packs out of the freezer, suddenly and without warning it came crashing down on her head, causing a lump to her head, headaches and neck pain.


Employee Injury Case Study


The consequences

The Claimant was lucky not to suffer more serious head injuries but the soft tissue injuries to her head and neck, together with the anxiety and stress caused by time off work and being unable to properly care for her children had a great impact on her daily life.

She suffered financial hardship as she required two weeks off work and was ultimately ‘let go’ as she was only working for Amazon on a casual contract basis. It took a further four months before she was able to find appropriate alternative employment.


The settlement

Oakwood Solicitors successfully argued that the equipment provided was not safe for use and held Amazon accountable for failing to carry out appropriate checks and ensure workers’ safety.

We obtained compensation for the Claimant’s injuries and reimbursement of the earnings she lost. The Claimant received over £8,000 in compensation.


Further reading

For further information about accident at work and your rights, visit the FAQ here on our website.

General information and advice about employee rights can be found on the ACAS website.



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